1. Forest Organization

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Services for land owners:
As a service provider we can reach our existing and potential customers via targeted messaging. As a service provider we are also visible for land owners as service provider in our service region. According to our licence terms, we invoice our fees based on the amount of parcel areas (in ha) connected to your organization.

2. Operating Area

Define the geographical operating area of your organization on the map by choosing administrative unit (-s) or by marking the corners of your area.

3. Contact Person


4. Payment Details

Prices of Woodsapp Pro:

- Woodsapp Pro: 1 € per hectare per year (Minimum charge 500 €/year and Maximum 1.500€/year)

- Woodsapp Pro mobile: 5 € per/user/month

download-fileDownload SEPA direct debit mandate (PDF)

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